Free Training Plan

You are registered on a Spartan and you need a boost to train and be on top on D-Day? Whether you are just starting out in the morning jogging or are already a Burpee follower, our training plans are made for you! By filling out the form (link below), you will be able to download a specific training plan and prepare yourself as it should be for your next race. Register and receive a training plan produced by our SGX coaches every month.

This month download the official training plan of Juny Fromont, our SGX coach: a special 30-day training plan “STADION”! Ideal for preparing the Spartan at the Stade de France and / or getting in shape for the rest of the season!

Kids Training Plan

There is no limit to what is hard and what is not at Spartan Race. No matter your age, we have created a comprehensive training plan so that any Spartan can prepare to crawl through the mud, climb the rope and get their medal at the finish line.

Obstacle Guide 

Do yourself a favor and get ready to conquer any obstacle we throw at you on course. We love burpees, but we know you want to stay out of the penalty pit and keep moving toward the finish line. Consider this a burpee avoidance manual; a survival guide. You’re welcome! We break down the fundamentals needed to crush any of our Signature Spartan Obstacles. The Obstacle Training Plan will help you build upper body strength, grip resilience, balance and leg power. We can’t do the obstacles for you, but we are happy to show you the way through them. Just follow our lead and keep pushing harder.

Race Day Checklist

Afin d’être fin prêt pour la course, nous avons réalisé une Cheklist des éléments indispensables à prévoir avec toi le jour J!