Studies show that kids are less fit today than their parents were as kids. At Spartan, we’re dedicated to making healthy the new normal for the next generation through our kids obstacle course races.

Active youth benefit from better physical health, are at lower risk of developing depression and earn higher grades than their less-active peers. At Spartan, we strongly believe that kids should run, climb, jump and get muddy.

We don’t give them medals, they earn it. We’re bringing it back to the basics. Put down the electronics and make time to move as a family.

Race details

Three Race Distances for Three Age Groups

  • 4-6 years old : Spartan Kids will enjoy a 800m of the most fun you can imagine : around 800m / 7-10 obstacles.
  • 7-10 years old: Spartan Kids will enjoy an epic mile like no kid has seen before : around 1,6k / 10-14 obstacles.
  • 11-15 years old: Spartan Kids will conquer the 2 mile course : around 3.2k / 14-17 obstacles.

Finisher receives:

  • Spartan Kids Finishers Medal
  • Spartan Kids Finisher t-shirt (your other one should be pretty dirty)
  • Numbered headband
  • A fun and exciting experience
  • Building mental toughness
  • Making Friends

How to manage my registration?


You will have to:

  • Make the registration on our platform
  • Select your heat time, heat time availables are the first one of the categorie. Two shifts per categorie are availables in our events. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The selected timing is the meeting point for the first start of the age group selected. Starts of 25-30 kids are realized every 10 minutes approx. during the scheduled hours of the age group categorie (be ready at the start area at least 30 minutes before your start.
  • PRINT THE WAIVER and bring it to the event (find the waiver here);

2/ ON SITE :

You will have to:

  • Pickup your headbands and shirts at the Kids registration at least one hour an half before your start time
  • Present an ID (kid legal representative person);
  • Sign a waiver and bring it onsite (find the waiver here);
  • CAUTION: medical certificate is not mandatory but we just want to insist on your responsibility to estimate if your kid is able to do this type of effort or not. Courses are accessible and secured by our team but this is a particular physical effort that your kid is probably not used to, so we strongly recommend that kids should constantly practice such efforts.