Spartan Volunteers indispensable at every Spartan Race. As a Spartan Race volunteer, you will ensure that our racers and spectators have an epic experience.

Your efforts make the Spartan Race the best obstacle racing series, and ensure a great experience for thousands of participants. Spartan Race would not be what it is without you and your motivation!

We have different missions for you as a volunteer: on festival area, on the race, on registration…

Spartan Volunteers work closely with Spartan Race staff.

Days open to volunteering: Volunteering is possible from Wednesday or Thursday (depending of the event) till the day before the event to help the organization to finalize the details to offer the best race ever to the participants.
And of course the day(s) of the race, Saturday and Sunday (if there is a race on Sunday). We also need help the day after the race to make the inventory, clean…

So you can register the day of your choice and even for several days, it will then take the registration process several times with your same account. Below are the different missions during the race day:

  1. 1. Management of Obstacles: control the security on obstacles, encourage Spartans, control penalties (Burpees), control the participants flow.
  2. 2. Registration: Welcome of participants, register the participant and give the  Spartan package.
  3. 3. Management of the Bag Check: Welcome of participants, reception and distribution of racers’ bag.
  4. 4. Start and Finish Line operations: Final aid station, t-shirts distribution, management of the flow, organization of the start and control.
  5. 5. Aid stations: hand out drinks and snacks to the racers on the course

As a volunteer, you will work closely with Staff members, and will have an inside view of the organization!


  • A free race entry code* depending of your volunteer day:
  • Pre and Post race (full shift) volunteering day: Sprint code
  • Race day (full shift) volunteering day: Sprint or Super
  • Race day (half day shift) volunteering day: Sprint code. (Note: it’s limited to 20 spots and the missions will be around the festival (registration, bag check or start/finish line). For organizational reasons, you will not be able to volunteer on the obstacles/aid stations for half day).
  • A Spartan Volunteer Shirt
  • A Spartan Volunteer Cap
  • A lunch box for the day
  • A lot of fun and experiences during the day helping to make the event successful!

We are excited to announce the new volunteer program from 2020. Please click on the link below to read all the information regarding this new reward program.


Note: the more you volunteer, the more Spartan products you will earn 😉
Volunteer on two days and grab your venue shirt. Support us three times and you will get your support beanie, support sunglasses, support flask and your support volontaire Wedge! Volunteer on four days and you will get our unique Spartan support hoodie – not available for purchase! And volunteer for five day and you will get the Spartan Support fleece vest!

* The codes are available during 1 year in the list of the following countries: Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Netherlands

If you need more information about the volunteer code, please consult our special “FAQ volunteer section”

How do I sign up?

Follow these simple steps!

STEP 1: Select the race you are interested in from the drop down, and fill out your information. Make sure to pay special attention when typing your email address, because this is how we will get in touch with you. You will receive information about 10 days before the event.

STEP 2: Pay close attention to your mailbox, especially when the race gets closer. Our Volunteer Coordinator will send you all information regarding the event.

STEP 3: BURPEES. Make sure you know how to do a proper burpee HERE!

STEP 4: Show up! If you sign up, we expect you to show up. We need you!

If you have any question and didn’t find an answer in our FAQ, the Volunteer Coordinator can be reached at volontaires@spartanraceeurope.com. Just make sure to include the race location you are interested in when you email.

One last thing, do not forget to join our Volunteer Facebook Group!
Join the group to talk about your Spartan Volunteer experience or to ask your questions!

Thank you, Spartan Volunteers!