Results and Photos

Results and Photos

Your Photos and Spartan Race Results.

Reebok Spartan Race provides you with high quality photos with our partner Sportograf. For each race you will receive the link for your pictures into your inbox with our newsletter and you can also find more details on the event page- just select your race on the right.

Spartan Race is a challenge and it’s a sport. Every Spartan Race is judged, timed and ranked. Spartan Race is an international race series and you can compete with athletes all over the world- face to face in the race and also in our rankings. And finally, your efforts deserve to be captured for eternity!

You can find your race results with split times in the results section of each event. You will find results for all categories (elites, competitive, open, teams).

Don’t miss to also check out the rankings HERE.

If there are any questions please contact our timing service via email:

NOTE: we try to get the results and photos online as soon as any possible after each race. On race day we publish the PRELIMINARY RESULTS only. You have the chance to send requests for changes to the contact email address that is given. We will then look into all requests within a few days and will put the officially confirmed results online a few days after the race.

Notre Spartan Elite Point Series attribuent des classements (tout à fait indépendants du Trifecta) aux Spartans les plus performants du Pays. Le classement débute le jour après les Championnats du Monde et se poursuit jusqu’au Championat du Monde suivant.

Afin que tes résultats soient correctement classés dans notre Spartan Elite Point Series, tu dois “Renseigner”tous tes résultats par le biais Athlinks et t’assurer que toutes tes meilleurs résultats apparaissent sur ton profil Athlinks. Toutes les informations en cas de problème sont disponibles ici..

Elites & Elite Masters Prix et Prize Money

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Détail des points

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