After each Reebok Spartan Race you will be given a point score that is calculated based on your performance against the winner’s time in your gender and age group placement. Your score is then added to 3 main series so you can compare how you stack amongst other Spartans: World Series, Regional Series, and National Series.

Do you have what it takes to be a World Class Athlete?

Please note: updates to rankings are done max. 1 week after the race has taken place.

**To confirm your qualification for any championship event please look at the points column next to your name. If you have a “1” under the points column you have qualified for the specific event. If you have a “0” under the points column you have not qualified for this event.

Circuits européens:

Ceux-ci comprennent toutes les courses Spartan ayant lieu sur le territoire européen, du 1er janvier au 31 décembre. Pour savoir comment se qualifier grâce au classement des championnats d’Europe, visitez notre page des championnats

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