Valmorel Winter Sprint France

Bienvenue à Valmorel. La 1ère station de la Tarentaise accueille la seule et unique Spartan Winter Sprint d’Europe Occidentale. La Valmorel Winter Sprint n’est pas une course comme les autres. Elle se déroule au cœur de l’hiver dans une station de ski rattachée à un domaine skiable. Située sur les communes des Avanchers-Valmorel et de la Léchère, à moins de 2 heures de route des grandes métropoles de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, la station est le terrain de jeu idéal pour le tracé d’un Spartan Rac, dont le niveau sportif n’est plus à prouver. Le charme et l’authenticité d’un village de montagne, le dénivelé, les panoramas sur les sommets des Alpes et bien sûr la neige sont de la partie pour faire de cette course une expérience unique et hors normes. Toi aussi débute ta saison 2018 avec un vrai défi ! Deux parcours une nouvelle fois inédit avec un Sprint et un Super (la nouveauté 2018)! Mais on peut te dire que ce sera Epique, Majestueux, Mémorable, Grandiose… et que tu en ressortiras encore plus fort. 2.000 Spartans ont osé affronter la première Valmorel Winter Race en 2016 et plus de 3.500 en 2017 ! Seras-tu des nôtres en 2018 ??? Cette année c’est 2 jours de courses et + de 4.000 obstacle racers attendus.   Que tu sois un Spartan Addict, un nouveau Spartan, la Valmorel Winter Sprint est LA course à ne pas manquer. Seul Spartan Race te propose ce format de course d’hiver ! Rendez-vous sur la ligne de départ, pour décrocher la médaille exclusive au design spécial Spartan Race Winter . 5 BONNES RAISONS DE T’INSCRIRE À VALMOREL - La seule course d’hiver – un parcours certifié Spartan Race – la neige, l’altitude en plus – les degrés en moins ! - La première course de l’année organisée au cœur des Alpes Française – un panorama hors normes - Le rendez-vous des meilleurs athlètes Spartan Race. Les champions de la discipline tous présents - Passer un bon weekend sportif en famille ou entre amis : au programme Winter Spartan Race, découvertes culinaires, animations, ski de pistes.. - Etre fier d’avoir vaincu, d’être parmi les 4.000 les valeureux Spartans qui auront relevé le défi de la Valmorel Winter Race - Réaliser la première Winter Super organisée en France
Spartan Race Inc.
Valmorel Winter Sprint France
Station de ski de Valmorel73260 Les Avanchers Les AvanchersValmorel
Valmorel Winter Sprint France

Valmorel Winter Sprint France

The Sprint may be our shortest distance race, but it’s still a favorite among both new and returning racers. It’s the perfect distance for those looking to start their Spartan journey. The Sprint also allows returning racers a manageable distance to see how far they can push themselves. Delivering 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles, you'll never run the same race twice. Once you complete the sprint you are 1/3 on your Spartan TRIFECTA: The ultimate Spartan achievement.
Spartan Race Inc.
Station de ski de Valmorel73260 Les Avanchers Les AvanchersValmorel

DATE: Saturday, January 23, 2016

DISTANCE: Sprint, this is a 7+ km race on the snow, the fastest time should be about 40 minutes. The longest time of over 2 hours. You will receive a timing chip to know your exact time.

START TIMES: First round at 9:00 am

HEATS: Waves of up to 150 people will leave every 15 minutes from 9:00 am to 12:00 am.



Station de ski de Valmorel - 73260 Les Avanchers-Valmorel





This is a race between 7 and 8 kilometers on the snow with about 15 obstacles, this is the only thing you need to know ... wait thou for the unexpected. But here are still some things to consider: the course is a course that Trail you bring them to pass through woods and undergrowth, ditches and obstacles to climb and also uneven terrain with potentially hidden natural obstacles of water and slippery surfaces. We would also prevent injuries that are possible as a result of falls, jumps, slides etc. when you franchiras obstacles during the race. In addition, some hazards may also occur as a result of falls from other competitors. We also ask you to adjust your speed and your behavior to the visibility conditions, difficulties and obstacles to the flow of the other competitors.






8:00 to 5:00 p.m.: Spartan Festival & Animations

From 7:30 am: Retrieving bibs for Spartan Sprint

9:00: Wave Spartan Sprint Elite

9:15 to 12:30: Waves Spartan Sprint

12:00 Spartan Sprint Awards ceremony



Once your registration completed, you must print your EVENT PASS mandatory to get your bib number on race day. You can do it directly connecting yourself to your account at
Please follow the steps:

You will receive your EVENT PASS to be printed directly by email. You can access to your account directly HERE.

You want to change your information participant? You want to change your heat? You want to transfer a registration to another person or another event?
You can do that on your own when connecting yourself to your account.
Go in "My Events" menu, click on "NO" in the participation column and you will see then the link to transfers appearing. You will then be able to transfer your slot to another person or another event open for registration.
Go to your account when connecting to your account HERE.



This is a french law, you have to present a medical note with the mention "alow to practice running sports in competition" this is like a test from a doctor.
That show us that are in good health to participate to such a race with no medical problems.
There is no specific template but a sport license from running or any "non static" sport can be recevable.
If you have no sport license you have to go to a doctor to get this certificate or if you have one already it has to be from less than 1 year existence and with the mention "pratique de la course à pied" or even better "pratique de la course à obstacles".
Any doctor can do that.

A template is disponible HERE.

Without this certificate it will not be possible for you to participate to any race.



You must be 16 years old on race day to be able to participate in the Spartan Sprint and 18 to participate to a Super or a Beast. You receive a headband with your bib number, bring increase your chances of being recognized on the photos to have a memory ... You're not allowed to give your bib to another competitor. You are allowed to participate in the race only if you signed the waiver when retrieving your pack participant, you must sign the waiver electronically at registration and you will receive it a few days before loan racing á be printed to identify you quickly when you remove your race. You also receive a timing chip. It is compulsory to wear the timing chip during the duration of the race, otherwise you will not be able to be timed. you're not allowed to give your timing chip to another competitor because the latter is connected with the bib number. If you can not make an obstacle you'll have to suffer by running 30 BURPEES. Anyway obstacles are "forbidden to miss", you are obliged to pass the obstacles or you will be disqualified. Place an obstacle without having passed or have run many BURPEES asked, result in disqualification. Each obstacle along the way, we have referees who check each athlete follows the lives and well pass obstacles. You're not allowed to cut the course. You can pass other competitors anywhere, except if a particular measure is officially announced in some places of the race or during certain obstacles. In all cases, we expect you to respect other competitors and the above regulations, this also depends on you, the Spartans do not cheat!

Click HERE to read the rules & regulations for Spartan Race.



Only the first 3 men and women from the Elite Heat will be ranked for the official podium.
Provisory timing will be available on race day. Official timing and ranking will be available 3 to 4 days after the race. For any request on timing please contact our official partner Trumin at



There is no official cut off time nevertheless the organization may apply a race cut off depending on different parameters.
If you think you are not able to comply the race in a normal time period please register yourself as early as possible to give you the chance to terminate the race..



A first aid post will be placed at the end of the race with water, bandages and a loan ambulance service to respond quickly to any part of the course. In the case of an accident, it will prevent as soon as possible a race officials posted every obstacle so that it prevents the emergency radio for surgery. You are allowed to take with you the supply of water and food if you estimate you need it. The organization will set up a supply of water on the course if conditions demand it, but you should not rely on it to hydrate you.



You could drop your stuff to our attempts to "instructions" and recover after the race. This service is included in the registration price.



After the race you will have access to a water jet system in order to remove dirt, mud and blood of your body. Before and after the race a space to change you is provided by the organization.



After the race you'll be able to access photos of the race and you on our website. You will receive more information by email at the appropriate time.



After the race you'll be able to access videos of the race and you on our website. You will receive more information by email at the appropriate time.



There will be € 5.00 per car parking fee for the day, you will receive more information later. Please, do not park on the road. This applies to everyone (spectators, runners, King Leonidas, etc).

Team Classification


If you are enrolled in a team you can participate in the team standings. To be part of this ranking you must have a minimum of 5 members, but you can have more. The team ranking is based on the final days of the fifth member of the team, so you should make the most team to bring the fifth member as soon as possible to the finish line. This is the best team, not the best group of individuals ... If you are more than 5 in your team will increase your chances, but the number of members who are or who end up in the end has no effect on the ranking.



We are open to welcome spectators! Some places charge access to viewers, it is necessary to obtain information on the website of each race.



For more information, visit our FAQs section.



For more information please check directly at: Tourism office from Valmorel

Spectators are welcome (subject to the same parking fees). No liquor, bottles of glass or camping on site.




Volunteer for this Race

Be part of our behind the scenes team by volunteering to help at a race. You will learn a thing or two, and experience what it's like to be part of the Spartan team. Your efforts make the Reebok Spartan Race the best obstacle racing series, and ensure a great experience for thousands of participants.

There are different volunteer areas to choose from like Festival, course or registration. You can choose your area when signing up as a volunteer. So what's next?

You will quickly learn while volunteering, add to your professional experience and probably meet new friends.